Dawson State Jail

Independent Program at Dawson State Jail

In June, 2007, Resolana was officially approved as a program provider by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and Resolana began working at Dawson State Jail as an independent program.

A regional TDCJ facility for nonviolent offenders with sentences of less than two years, Dawson State Jail houses over 1200 women (and an equal number of men). Most will return to their North Texas communities “off paper” (that is, without supervision).

“I started going to Resolana at Dallas County Jail and continued here at Dawson. . . . I would recommend Resolana to anyone!” — Beverly

“Your program is like a light in a very long and dark tunnel.” — Angie

In order to introduce the Dawson women to Resolana‘s programming, Resolana facilitated a “Summer Workshop Series” on alternate Saturday afternoons from June to September, 2007. This open call series included a variety of creative activities, from a hugely popular mini-concert to PlayBack Drama to yoga and writing. Our volunteers included therapists, a college art professor, a professional singer/songwriter, professional dancers and a Pulitzer Prize winning writer.

“I’m not sure you’ll ever really understand how much some of us truly appreciate what you do here. . . . I’ve done some growing and healing emotionally and spiritually. Thank you and God bless you.” — Janie

Resolana also began offering life skills classes at Dawson during the summer of 2007 and later added our modular Grace and Grit class which is based on treatment models for co-occurring disorders. In a collaboration with the Family Place, psychoeducational classes for survivors of childhood or domestic abuse were also offered.

For almost two years, Resolana provided several classes per week at Dawson State Jail, touching the lives of over 200 women inmates. However, Resolana is currently taking a sabbatical from its classes at Dawson State Jail in order to focus on its program expansion at Dallas County Jail.

“Great work on the program with the women from the Dawson State Jail!
As a criminal defense attorney, I know how much such women can benefit from these opportunities and how they can be touched by people interested in their lives. . .
At the risk of sounding trite, ‘keep up the great work!’”

— Cheryl Wattley, Dallas attorney and Assoc. Professor of Law, University of Oklahoma

See also Dawson/ HOPE, Early Program at Dallas County Jail, or reentry.

Resolana  –  PO Box #225175  –  Dallas, Texas 75222  –  USA.   Email: contact@resolana.info

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