Reentry Classes

One of Resolana‘s long term intentions has been to adapt some of its curriculum for reentry level programs which help incarcerated women in the difficult time just after their release. So Resolana was delighted to be invited to do just that for Grace Unlimited, a transitional house for women in Oak Cliff.

Grace Unlimited is a safe, sober, supportive, residential environment for recovering women recently out of prison. It is committed to a 12 step recovery process. Gracie’s Girls, an associated business which provides cleaning services, offers Grace residents and other women in reentry employment opportunities as soon as they are released from prison

Early in 2007, Resolana facilitated a modified version of its My Story My Self class for a group including Grace residents and other women in reentry and recovery. More recently, a new Financial Empowerment class, focused on underlying emotional issues related to money as well as on financial literacy skills, was piloted with the women.

As a long term goal, Resolana‘s vision includes the establishment of a peer-run day center with reentry classes and a continuing community of peer support for women who have participated in the Resolana jail programs

“I was always grateful I came. I always left feeling better in spirit than when I arrived. So thank you all for taking time out to give that special gift to me. No money could buy the warmth, strength, acceptance, and love you have blessed me with.”  
— Pepper, after completing our first class for Grace Unlimited, 04/07

See also Dawson/ HOPE, Independent Program at Dawson, or Early Program at Dallas County Jail.

Resolana  –  PO Box #225175  –  Dallas, Texas 75222  –  USA.   Email:

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