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The past few years represent an exciting period of growth and transition for Resolana and we have celebrated a number of important milestones.In May, 2009, Resolana moved into its own dedicated classroom in the newly constructed Kays Tower addition at Dallas County Jail and, at the request of jail officials, began developing a comprehensive program for women there. Resolana steadily expanded its services, growing from six to twenty hours of classes every week and building a holistic, woman-centered program to fill the void left when the jail’s substance abuse programs lost funding.

In 2010, Resolana strategically aligned itself with county judicial programs that divert women from prison to substance abuse treatment. In an important new collaboration with Probation, Resolana began serving as the critical in-jail component of a continuum of integrated diversion services. Participants benefit from immediate access to programming while they wait in jail for a treatment slot to open.

  photo by David Williams

“The  Resolana group does a superb job with the female inmates with every class and workshop they do from Life Skills to Yoga! They are the most popular and demanded program we have. We are very lucky to have them on board with us!”
— Yolanda Lara, Director of Inmate Programs, Dallas County Sheriff Dept.

More recently, Resolana was offered the exciting opportunity to pilot Dallas County Jail’s first dedicated program tank.

Having a dedicated tank means that all participants inResolana’s program are now housed together in one communal living area, isolated from the general jail population. Studies show that immersion in this kind of structured and supportive social learning community can significantly improve outcomes for women.

  photo by David Williams

Resolana classes motivate, encourage, educate and nurture. I used my time at Dallas County Jail safely and productively and received tools to last a lifetime.”
— Sheri.

When the first women moved into our new dedicated program tank in April, 2011, Resolana’s number of participants instantly tripled. With those participants housed right next door to our classroom, scheduling options have expanded. With Resolana’s staff permitted inside the tank itself, we are now focused on building a true social learning environment there.

Resolana’s program is truly breaking new ground at Dallas County Jail — and piloting a model that jail officials hope to replicate. This spring, Resolana was officially recognized by the Dallas County Commissioners Court for its excellence in women’s programming.

Resolana  –  PO Box #225175  –  Dallas, Texas 75222  –  USA.   Email: contact@resolana.info

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